18 wheelers crashes

Thousands of people suffer injuries or die each year in 18 wheelers crashes. These accidents are particularly dangerous because the truck has a higher center of gravity, making them more likely to roll over or run off the road. They also have a greater stopping distance than a normal car, which means that they take more time to stop.

Drivers must have special licenses and training to drive an 18 wheeler. They are expected to handle a heavy load and have to be responsible for passengers. They must also make sure that their equipment is maintained and they are following proper traffic regulations. However, accidents can happen even if a truck driver adheres to the rules. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently mandated strict limits on driver hours.

One of the biggest causes of 18 wheelers crashes is driver error. Drivers often drive for long hours, and they may be distracted. This may cause them to drift off the road, or to misjudge other vehicles. They may also travel too fast for the conditions. Other common mistakes include tailgating and misjudging other drivers’ actions. Often, a driver can lose control of an 18 wheeler when making sharp turns. They also may not have properly maintained their air brakes.

Another reason for 18 wheeler crashes is poor roadway design. Poorly maintained streets and work zones can contribute to accidents. Also, a truck may flip over if it is improperly loaded. If the cargo is loaded too close to the front, it can cause the trailer to become off-balance. This can result in a number of injuries including broken bones and sprains. In addition, cargo can obstruct the road, causing a tire blowout.

Another common reason for 18 wheeler accidents is driver fatigue. The driver may be distracted or tired from long hours of driving. They may also fail to stop at a red light. Their inattention can cause the 18 wheeler to run off the road or flip. A slick road or poor weather conditions may contribute to a crash, too.

If a trucking company fails to follow safety regulations, they can be held liable for the damages caused by an 18 wheeler crash. They may also break the laws pertaining to hours of service or cargo loading. In addition, their equipment can malfunction due to manufacturing flaws. Regardless of the reasons for an 18 wheeler accident, victims need to contact an attorney as soon as possible to protect their rights. An attorney can help them collect the evidence they need, negotiate settlements, and handle the insurance companies. They may also take the case to trial, if necessary.

A large-scale truck accident lawsuit against an insurance company is complex. It requires a substantial amount of legal resources and financial support. The victim may need to wait a long time to settle their claim. Also, the insurance company may offer a lump sum amount less than what the victim is owed. This may make it impossible for the victim to file any further claims. However, an attorney can help the victim collect the evidence they need and negotiate a settlement that will maximize their compensation.