the hammer lawyer commercial

Probably everyone has seen the “Hammer” commercial. But how does it compare to the other legal ads on the air? Why does it get so much attention? How do lawyers get the publicity they deserve? What is the legal industry’s best marketing strategy?

The Hammer is an attorney named Jim “The Texas Hammer” Adler who founded his own law firm in 1973. His ads are a rage on television and have earned him the title of “the largest personal injury law firm in Texas”. In addition to defending victims of car accidents, Adler’s ads take on five commercial vehicles at once. The commercials air in English and Spanish. Adler has been the savior of car accident victims for over four decades.

The Hammer ad has been in the news lately, most notably in an HBO documentary starring John Oliver. Oliver made a big deal out of a legal dispute that was featured on the show. In a nutshell, a lawsuit was filed by Slocumb, a law firm with offices in Washington D.C., Louisville, and Nashville. The lawsuit claims Slocumb is using the “Hammer” name in Texas and Washington D.C., but has not claimed to be the “Alabama Hammer” anywhere else. Slocumb’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit in June.

It’s no secret that lawyers want to make a name for themselves, so they must come up with a big-named ad campaign. They need to convince the public that they are the best lawyer for the job. While many law firms do this by putting up billboards, the best attorneys will go beyond putting up an ad and reach out to clients. The best lawyers will also have a website and social media presence to attract new clients. A great website should include an easy to navigate navigation system, case reviews and a contact us section with free consultations.

The Hammer is a big deal, but he’s not the only jingle-juiced lawyer on the block. In the Louisville area, WAVE-3 sales manager Bill Caudill said that legal services ads on his station have increased by 67 percent over the past three years. In fact, the total ad spending in the Louisville area increased by $8.1 million last year, according to Neilsen’s Ad*Views.

The “Hammer” ad is the mascot for this law firm. The firm is a little on the pricier side, but its marketing campaign has been a success. It has spent over $100 million on ads to date, and has seen an increase in its total advertising budget as it has grown. They have also managed to get a spot on the “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” in the past. The commercials have been aired on the show in the past, including a few starring Attorney Joe Adler. This commercial was made in conjunction with Image Video Solutions and has garnered a fair amount of attention. It has also been named the “Best Ad in the Louisville area” by The Daily Racing Form.