tvc trucker lawyer

Often, trucking companies face legal issues and accidents that cost thousands of dollars. It is important to hire a trucker lawyer to handle these cases. A trucker lawyer can represent the company or the driver in court and give the company ongoing advice. Choosing a trucker lawyer will depend on several factors. For instance, some trucking lawyers may require a traditional retainer or charge a flat fee. Other companies may offer subscription services, which offer ongoing legal representation. It is important to consider each option carefully.

Truckers Voice in Court (TVC) is a national legal service that offers affordable legal protection for truckers. Their attorneys represent drivers in all 50 states and have won nine out of ten cases. They help truckers fight MVR violations, speeding tickets, and lane violations. They also offer Preventive Prodriver Plans that are designed to prevent violations. This program can help save drivers hundreds of dollars each year. They also provide free consultations.

There are several types of violations a trucker can receive, such as speeding, lane violations, and red light violations. Depending on the violation, a trucker may receive a fine, suspension, or lose his or her commercial driver’s license. In addition, a trucker’s driving record can affect his or her insurance rates. If a trucker has more than two serious violations in a three-year period, his or her license may be suspended. In addition, a conviction for an off-truck route will result in a two-point penalty.

Truckers Voice in Court (TVC) attorneys have successfully reduced more than one million serious violations over the years. They can also help with speeding tickets, stop sign violations, lane violations, and overweight violations. The cost of these tickets can reach close to $10,000. This amount is usually not covered by insurance companies. Often, insurance companies only pay for damage, not fines. If you have been issued a traffic ticket, you can find out if a trucker lawyer can help by calling the TVC legal helpline. Alternatively, you can find a trucking lawyer online.

Trucker Tools and TVC Pro Driver have partnered together to provide truckers with legal assistance when they are charged with a moving violation. This includes free Data Q challenges, free Data Q challenges with the Trucker Tools app, free Data Q challenges from TVC Pro Driver, and pre-existing ticket coverage. In addition, TVC Pro Driver provides discounts on tires, fuel, and maintenance. In addition, members receive 100 Driver Rewards each month.

The Truckers Voice in Court website once referenced GIG Marketing Associates, Inc., which is the marketing arm of Proactive Drivers. This website now features a new logo and the words “TVC ProDriver” instead of “GIG.” The website also provides information on membership benefits. This includes access to a network of provider attorneys and discounts.

TVC ProDriver attorneys handle all cases in the court of original jurisdiction, and they have saved truckers $987 million over the last 30 years. The benefits of the TVC ProDriver Plan are not available in all Canadian provinces.