trucking lawyers

Whether you are a business owner or a self-employed trucker, trucking lawyers can provide you with advice about legal issues related to transportation. These lawyers can help you with issues such as commercial vehicle damage claims, personal injury, DOT compliance, and tort laws. If you are considering hiring a lawyer, it is important that you take the time to choose one who can represent you well.

Among the most important factors to consider when hiring a trucking attorney is experience. In order to provide quality legal services, trucking attorneys must have a strong track record. You may also want to hire an attorney who is licensed with your state bar association. You may also want to find out if the attorney offers a flat fee, subscription services, or a traditional retainer.

If you are a truck driver or own a trucking company, you have a duty to operate your vehicle safely. However, many trucking companies hire unqualified drivers and ignore known medical conditions. These companies also fail to perform background checks on their drivers.

If you have been involved in a trucking collision, you should contact a New York truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. This can help you protect your rights and get a fair settlement. The law firm of Finkelstein & Partners has experience in trucking litigation and is ready to provide you with the legal representation you need.

Trucking lawyers can also help you with other legal matters. These attorneys can provide ongoing advice and counsel to ensure that you are running your business legally. They can also appear in court to represent you. In addition, they can help you update your contracts to reflect recent changes in the laws. If your trucking company is involved in an accident, they can help you determine who is responsible. Ultimately, you will want to hire an attorney that makes you feel comfortable.

Transportation law is a broad area of law that covers everything from commerce to travel to criminal law. This area is regulated by federal agencies, such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

You should contact a trucking attorney immediately after your accident to help you determine the causes of your collision and protect your rights. If your accident is due to negligence on the part of a truck driver, you may be able to hold your trucking company liable. Alternatively, you may be able to hold a cargo loader or other individual responsible for your accident.

In addition to the trucking laws, there are labor laws and personal injury laws that apply to truck drivers. If you are a truck driver, you have a duty to follow all traffic and safety regulations. This includes wearing safety equipment, maintaining your vehicle, and driving safely.

The law firm of Transportation Group has seasoned litigators who have handled trucking litigation throughout Missouri. They are members of the Transportation Lawyers Association (TLA) and regularly attend the ABA Transportation MegaConference. They are also members of TIDA, a national trade association for trucking industry professionals.