houston truck accident

Whether you’re a driver or a passenger in a truck, you should understand what you can do if you are involved in an accident with a big rig. There are legal options available to help you recover compensation. In this article, you’ll learn about common causes of truck accidents, how to pursue damages after an accident, and the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit.

Damages that can be pursued

Depending on the severity of your injuries, the damages you can pursue after a Houston truck accident can vary. Nevertheless, there are certain common types of damages you can expect to collect.

Among the most common types of damages are lost income, pain and suffering, and property damage. Besides, your personal injury claim may also include expenses incurred for transportation to medical facilities and for in-home treatment.

The most important piece of evidence in your case is a good medical record. Injuries like burns, broken bones, and amputations are considered severe and can affect your ability to move and think for a long time to come. You should also save any supporting documents, including pay stubs, tax forms, and vehicle repair estimates.

The electronic data recorder found in modern commercial trucks is a very useful tool for capturing details of the wreck. Often referred to as a black box, this electronic device contains valuable trip inspection records, maintenance logs, and other useful information.

The best way to prove that you deserve a fair settlement is to hire an experienced attorney. An attorney will help you gather evidence and hold the negligent party accountable for their actions. You’ll also want to be prepared to track your damages and prove that they were caused by the accident.

There are many laws regulating the trucking industry. The FMCSA is responsible for regulating the number of hours a truck driver can work in a day and other conditions specific to operating a commercial truck.

In addition, you may have a legal obligation to report the accident to the authorities. In some cases, you are required to report an accident if you are a witness to it. In other instances, you may have to report an accident as a result of a trucking company’s failure to follow federal or state regulations.

Regardless of the specifics, a good Texas truck accident lawyer can help you understand your legal options. You may also be entitled to compensation for lost benefits and wages, as well as pensions and other retirement benefits.

Common causes of truck accidents

Thousands of truck accidents occur in the United States each year, and Houston is no exception. The commercial trucking industry has a reputation for violating safety standards.

Big rigs are huge complex vehicles that can be difficult to control. They can also cause catastrophic accidents. The driver of a semi-truck must understand the risks of the road. A collision with a big rig can result in serious injuries and death.

Texas traffic accidents have increased due to an increase in large commercial trucks. This has led to a decrease in the number of trucks that are maintained according to safety regulations.

Big rigs are not easy to maneuver, especially on icy or wet pavement. Their speed also increases the likelihood of a crash. These accidents can be deadly to drivers and passengers in other vehicles.

The US Department of Transportation reports that 14.2% of big truck accidents in Texas are fatal. This is 10% more than the average for other states. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration analyzed 120,000 big rig accidents and found that 87 percent of them were caused by driver negligence.

In Texas, it is illegal to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The trucking industry often works on tight budgets, so maintenance may not be done properly. Poor equipment, improper inspections, and bad driving habits are common factors in truck accidents.

Other common causes of accidents include brake failure, tire failure, and steering failure. These problems can be prevented by regularly inspecting your vehicle and taking action if necessary. If you are involved in an accident, contact a truck accident attorney in Houston to help you document the scene.

The oil boom has increased commercial vehicle activity in Texas. Many of these trucks are driven across the country, with strict schedules. This pressure can lead to bad driving habits such as speeding, tailgating, and other distractions.

While many trucking companies are trying to maximize profits, the stress can cause drivers to make mistakes. They can be distracted by cell phones, eating, programming truck controls, and other activities. The smallest distraction can cause an accident.

Statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit

Getting involved in a Houston truck accident can leave you feeling injured and in need of a lawyer. Having an aggressive attorney on your side can help you hold reckless drivers accountable for their actions. But before you get started, it’s important to know the Texas statute of limitations.

The Texas Civil Statute of Limitations is a state law that governs when you can file a civil lawsuit. The law states that you can file a first-party claim against your own insurance company within two years of a violation of the Texas Insurance Code. This is the equivalent of one to five years for a personal injury claim. The statute of limitations for a breach of contract claim is usually four years from the date of the incident.

The Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code outlines various exceptions to the general rule, which can alter the statute of limitations for your case. The most common exception is tolling, which extends the statute of limitations from two to four years.

Aside from the usual requirements, you’ll also need to be prepared for a deposition. This involves you answering questions under oath. This is typically the most difficult part of the process. If you aren’t prepared, you may end up defending yourself for claims that have been made decades ago.

While the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit after a Houston truck accident may be limited, there are plenty of other ways to pursue your claim. You may be able to seek a monetary award for the pain and suffering your loved one endured. You can also collect damages for any wages they lost.

If you have questions about the legal parameters for your claim, or if you have been involved in a Houston truck accident and are in need of an attorney, you should contact Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C. They have more than 100 years of collective experience and can assist you with your claim. They are well-versed in Texas law and will be able to explain the legal requirements to you.

Legal options for recovering compensation after a truck accident

Having the help of an attorney can significantly improve your chances of recovering financial compensation after a Houston truck accident. A qualified attorney will be able to evaluate your injuries and determine the best possible course of action. A skilled lawyer will also be able to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

You may be eligible to collect non-economic damages for your pain and suffering. These are awarded if you were harmed because of the negligent behavior of the at-fault party. In addition, you may be entitled to punitive damages if there is clear evidence of malice or fraud.

A Houston truck accident attorney can also help you file an auto insurance claim against the driver. If the at-fault driver does not have an auto insurance policy, you can still make a claim against their employer. You can also make a claim against the manufacturer of the truck.

It is important to remember that you have a limited amount of time to file an auto insurance claim. Your attorney can help expedite the process and get you the money you need.

You should also report the accident to the police as soon as possible. This will ensure that the proper documentation is made. In addition, you should seek medical attention right away. You should also gather as much information from witnesses as you can. This information will be useful later on. You may also be required to provide certain details to the insurer.

An experienced Houston truck accident attorney can help you navigate the claims process and obtain a favorable settlement. Your attorney will also be able to identify any defendants who are liable for the damages. You may be able to recover for your damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, and ongoing rehabilitation.

After a truck accident, you may be unable to work. Some victims are able to return to limited work, while others are unable to return to full-time work. It is critical that you document the costs of your loss.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration releases yearly statistics on big truck and bus crashes. The number of injury crashes has increased over the past decade. In 2009, there were about 60,000 crashes with injuries.