truck accident injury attorney

Whether you’re involved in an accident with a car, a truck, or a motorcycle, it’s important that you hire an attorney to represent you. This is especially true if you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence. A lawyer can help you get compensated for injuries and other losses.

Injuries that can result from a truck accident are more harmful than car accidents

Compared to car accidents, truck accident injuries are more devastating and more likely to be life-threatening. Injuries from a big rig crash are often severe, and victims may have to undergo surgery or extensive physical therapy. They may also suffer from internal organ damage, which could lead to death.

In addition to injury, an 18-wheeler accident can cause a significant amount of property damage. In fact, in the past couple of years, the number of big rig crashes has been on the rise.

In the United States, six million passenger car accidents occur every year. Each year, approximately 40,000 people die in these accidents. While the number of fatalities has not changed significantly in the last decade, the number of truck-related deaths has increased. In 2017, there were 4,136 truck-related deaths.

The weight of a truck can overpower the resistance of a car, causing a rear-end truck accident to be a dangerous event. In these cases, the impact of the crashing vehicles can cause a fuel tank to rupture, releasing a large fiery explosion.

In the United States, there are an estimated 130,000 truck accident injuries each year. Many of these cases involve broken bones, lacerations, and disfigurement. A victim who sustains an injury in a truck accident may also experience psychological and emotional trauma.

Unlike passenger cars, a commercial truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. In addition, the length of the truck and the stopping time differ. A fully-loaded trailer takes a long time to stop, requiring 20-40% longer than a passenger car.

The weight of a truck can make it difficult to brake, so a driver’s immediate braking is critical in order to avoid an accident. If the driver does not slow down enough, the collision with another vehicle can result in a fatal injury.

Lost wages can be claimed in a truck accident suit

Considering the average accident victim misses more than 11 days of work, a lost wages claim can be a big boon. Not only does it help maintain a household, it can also protect you from being fired if you are injured. However, proving a claim is not always easy, especially if you are self-employed.

In order to make a lost wages claim, you will need to provide proof of how much you were earning during the time you were off of work. There are several ways to show this. For example, you can cite a previous pay stub, a tax return or a Wage Verification Form.

You can also show how much you would have been able to earn if you had worked. The amount of money you would have made depends on many factors, including your age, experience, education and your career.

The quickest way to prove how much you would have earned if you had been working is with a Wage Verification Form. The form is provided by your employer and contains details of your missed work hours and benefits.

In addition to the Wage Verification Form, you will need a letter from your employer confirming important employment details. This should include the number of hours you were working, your pay level and the dates on which you were off work.

You may also want to consider a doctor’s statement. Your doctor will be able to testify to your prognosis, including what you will be able to do once you recover. This can help demonstrate how much you will be able to earn in the future.

A loss of earning capacity is another common type of compensation. This is the amount of income you will not be able to earn due to your injuries.

Liability insurance protects the trucking company’s assets

Purchasing proper trucking insurance is important for the protection of your company and its assets. The risk of a trucking accident is extremely high, and it can cause damages to your vehicle and cargo. Adding general liability to your policy can help protect your business from the costs associated with a collision.

The best way to find out how much trucking insurance your company needs is to consult with an insurance agent. The cost of a policy will vary, depending on the type of coverage you want and the value of the equipment you own.

Commercial truck insurance is available from most major insurance agencies. However, you may also choose to purchase your coverage from an independent insurance provider.

The basic trucking insurance policy is designed to cover damages to a third party. This includes injuries to others and damage to their property. This may not be the most comprehensive coverage, and you may not be covered for losses caused by your employees.

The trucking industry is a large one in the U.S. and is prone to specialized risks. Some of these risks include costly equipment and a high level of exposure to liability claims.

The federal government requires trucking companies to carry at least $5,000 in cargo coverage. A cargo insurance policy will replace lost or damaged goods during transit. The federal government also requires all trucks to carry commercial auto insurance.

The cargo insurance industry is a growing sector of the trucking industry. Most freight brokers require a cargo insurance policy to ensure the safety of their customers’ goods.

There are many factors that can cause a driver to suffer an injury or get into a collision. Including general liability coverage in your trucking insurance policy can protect your company’s assets and your employees.

Identify every possible party that can be held liable

Identify every possible party that can be held liable for truck accident injury is important to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. An experienced attorney can help you determine which parties are liable. Depending on the type of case you file, your attorney may be able to hold several parties accountable.

In many cases, a driver can be found liable for a trucking accident. This can be either an employee or an independent contractor. It is always a good idea to make sure that the driver is qualified to drive the vehicle. If they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they could face criminal charges.

Other drivers involved in the crash may also be liable for the accident. Some common errors made by drivers include speeding, distracted driving, failing to obey traffic signs, and following cars too closely.

The government may be a liable party if they design or maintain a roadway that is a hazard. Another company that loads cargo onto the truck may be responsible for causing the accident.

A trucking company can be a liable party if they have a duty to ensure the safety of their employees. They may be able to hold the driver and employer liable if they failed to properly maintain the truck or fail to hire a competent driver.

A manufacturer of truck parts can also be liable for an accident. If the part malfunctioned, it can cause a semi to roll over. It can also be a factor in accidents that result in fatalities.

If the load on the truck falls off the back, it can cause serious damage. If it is loaded improperly, the truck can lose control and the driver can be injured.

Questions to ask a truck accident injury attorney

Having a truck accident injury attorney can be a big help in dealing with the financial and legal issues that arise after a crash. A lawyer can also help you avoid traps from insurance companies.

A lawyer can also help you determine if your claim is worth pursuing. If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, there’s a good chance that you’ll face expensive medical bills, as well as an extended period of time off work. A good attorney can ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

When hiring an injury attorney, it’s important to find one that is a good fit for you. The best way to do this is to talk to a prospective lawyer and get an idea of what their approach is. You might also want to see what kind of customer reviews they have.

While there’s no guarantee that your case will be resolved, a good attorney will be willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get the best possible results.

A truck accident injury attorney can also help you estimate the amount of compensation you may be able to receive. They can also help you decide when it’s time to accept a settlement offer. If you’ve been injured in a crash, you might also need to consider if you’re a good candidate for a lump sum payment for future medical costs.

A truck accident injury attorney can also provide a free consultation. This is a great way to learn more about the legal system and to find out if you have a solid case.

When choosing an injury attorney, it’s also a good idea to find one that offers a high standard of communication. Some attorneys are more comfortable communicating via text, email, or phone while others like to meet with clients in person.